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Non-native speaker essays misclassified as AI-written 48% up to 75% of the time vs 0%-12% for native speakers

Don't use AI detectors for anything important

I've noted before that because AI detectors produce false positives, it's unethical to use them to detect cheating. Now there's a new study that shows it's even worse. Not only do AI detectors falsely flag human-written text as AI-written, the way in which they do it is biased. This is
drawing of a clam with a spiked shell, about the same size as a silhouetted scuba diver

How to get AI to confuse a shark with a clam

"The Megalodon was a large bivalve, measuring up to 2.5 meters in length. Its shell was covered in spines, and it had a large, powerful jaw for crushing prey." Although the megalodon is the most widely known as a giant prehistoric shark, I recently learned that Megalodon wi th
When data is messy

When data is messy

There’s a story I tell in my book [] because it’s a great illustration of how AI gets the wrong idea about what problem we’re asking it to solve: Researchers at the University of Tuebingen trained a neural net to recognize images [
Depixellation? Or hallucination?

Depixellation? Or hallucination?

There’s an application for neural nets called “photo upsampling” which is designed to turn a very low-resolution photo into a higher-res one. This is an image from a recent paper demonstrating one of these algorithms, called “PULSE: Self-Supervised Photo Upsampling via Latent Space Exploration of Generative Models [https://github.
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