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DALL-E3 generated Thanksgiving food with misspelled labels (such as Grasted Potinos for mashed potatoes)

Your guide to the Thanksgiving table

So lately I've been getting a kick out of asking DALL-E3 for images labeled with text. They're just good enough to be legible, but yet: The food that gets duplicated seems to vary from spread to spread. I also asked DALL-E 3 to do the dessert table. When I asked
Cartoons of fruits, mostly incorrectly labeled. There's a lemon labeled Bawo and a strawberry labeled Cherpes.

Learn your fruits and vegetables

Thanks to DALL-E3 generated educational material, we can bypass the need for teachers and textbook writers. Can it do fruits? Of course it does fruits! Or perhaps you would like to learn your berries? Perhaps you would like to learn your berries in SWEDISH? I'm learning so much. Bonus content:
Left: the original hotel room. Right: the hotel room as recreated by DALL-E3 from Bard's description, full of skulls and skel

The spookiest Halloween scenes

Google Bard has the ability to describe images. But it turns out what you get depends a lot on how you ask. I gave Bard this image and the prompt "Please describe this spooky Halloween scene". On the right is the image I got when I took the resulting description
Botober 2023 neural net-generated art prompts. Including Forest Swingles, Mail cannot bleed, Onion Cycle, and Cool Lump Mage.

Botober 2023

Since 2019 I've generated October drawing prompts using the year's most state-of-the-art text-generating models. Every year the challenges are different, but this was one of the hardest years yet. Large language models like chatgpt, GPT-4, Bing Chat, and Bard, are all tweaked to produce generic, predictable text that doesn't vary
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