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Image is of a brown baby giraffe with no spots. AI gives long descriptions but fails to report that it has no spots.

AI vs a giraffe with no spots

On July 31, 2023, a giraffe with no spots was born at Brights Zoo in Tennessee. She's a uniform brown with pretty white highlights around her face and belly, like a Jersey cow or a white-tailed deer. Image recognition algorithms are trained on a variety of images from around the
Baby one-piece bodysuits with designs of Galaxies on Ice, Dandelion Underwater, and Fart Whale

Baby onesie designs

A reader wrote in a while ago with a suggestion: they were about to have a baby and wondered if I could use AI to come up with some new ideas for baby onesies. I can't find the letter any more, and I don't remember how long ago it was.
Non-native speaker essays misclassified as AI-written 48% up to 75% of the time vs 0%-12% for native speakers

Don't use AI detectors for anything important

I've noted before that because AI detectors produce false positives, it's unethical to use them to detect cheating. Now there's a new study that shows it's even worse. Not only do AI detectors falsely flag human-written text as AI-written, the way in which they do it is biased. This is
Emoji include some kind of baby seal-horse and a sun-lion-eagle griffin.

The emoji of the future

Some of the recent image-generating models have this thing where they can fill in the blank parts of images. It's handy when you want to show them exactly how to give you more of the same. Like these animal emoji. See if you can tell which ones I gave DALL-E2
ChatGPT confidently losing at tic-tac-toe

Optimum tic-tac-toe

ChatGPT text can sound very knowledgeable until the topic is something you know well. Like tic-tac-toe. Once I heard that ChatGPT can play tic-tac-toe I played several games against it and it confidently lost every single one. Part of the problem seemed to be that it couldn't keep track of
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