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A set of 8 somewhate misshapen eggs with colorful but confusing patterns and bands.

AI-generated easter eggs

How would AI decorate an easter egg? I've tried this before by training an image-generating model exclusively on pictures of easter eggs I decorated (they came out plain, if a bit wobbly). I decided to see what I would get using a model based on CLIP, which has trained on
Magical Utopia - We've got a wizard living in the shed, who occasionally comes out to do magic and eat cheese sandwiches.

AI-generated utopias

AI isn't known for being able to solve the big problems, but what about the VERY large problems, such as possible futures to strive for? I decided to find out if I could get GPT-3 to come up with new ideas for utopias. Since GPT-3 works by predicting what text
An impressive rainforest, a san francisco that looks more like scotland, and a tiny furry giraffe

Generating landscapes without people

I've been experimenting with GauGAN2, released in Nov 2021 as a follow-on to GauGAN. One new thing Nvidia added in GauGAN2 is the ability to generate a picture to match a phrase. "A rocky stream in an ancient mossy rainforest" It can do more than generic landscapes - it can
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