Hey kids! What sound does a woolly horse-sheep make?

Happy cartoon animals, many with speech bubbles. A blue cow says Moo. A cow? pig? horse? says oink. A pig in a scarf says oink. A pig with spiked shoulder pads and confusing hoofs says "Camolo". The A has two horizontal bars instead of one. A cheerful sheep/chicken in a bandanna is saying nothing or possibly swearing. A horse, or more precisely its butt, says "Baaa" (with extra bars on all the a's. A horse with a fluffy sheep body says "boaa". A small stubby horse says Cluck. A cat is emitting a speech bubble with a mouse face while a speech bubble saying "baaa" emerges from somewhere off-screen. A very confusing blue animal with pointy ears and a double duck bill says "sheep". A terrifying frog says "chicken". A penguin says "cluck" and also is somehow pronouncing a paw print. A horse with a mane that goes all the way down its back is eating a blue handkerchief and saying "M". A grey sheep with a beak is pronouncing spheres. A chicken says "quack". And finally a ducklike bird says "quack".

The image above is what you get when you ask dalle-3 (via chatgpt) for some basic educational material: "Please generate an illustrated poster to help children learn which sounds common animals make. Each animal should be pictured with a speech bubble spelling out the animal's sound."

Here's another, generated with the same prompt:

A set of cartoon farm animals with speech bubbles, most of them very incorrect. At the upper left a cow says moo, and that's as good as it gets. A pig-shaped horse says "pig", and a pig-shaped pig says "mock". A very stubby donkey with long floppy ears says "hooo". A pig with a white mane says "sheep". A three-legged sheep witha chicken face says "shleh", while the seagull next to it says "baa". There is a sheep with four chicken legs and a chicken head that looks startled, and a chicken with a woolly sheep head that says chicken. A horse says baa, while another horse says quck. A slick pink chicken says qluck, an ordinary rooster says qluck, and a seagull-patterned chicken says quck. Scattered throughout the background are short numbers and phrases, mostly illegible.

There is so much not to like about how people are using image generators to rip off artists and replace their work with shoddy imitations. But I am enjoying these pockets of weirdness where I find them.

Bonus content: more pockets of weirdness! In the form of more labeled animals and the things they say, including in "Swedish".

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