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Advent calendar style images including a sweater mug filled with hot chocolate and candles

AI Weirdness advent calendar 2023

It's 2023 and the combo of GPT-4/DALL-E3 can generate passable versions of the saccharine Christmas drawings in an advent calendar. They cannot, however, label them correctly. Also sometimes you get sweatermugs. This means the 2023 AI-generated advent calendar is happening! Full descriptions of every door in the calendar 1.
DALL-E3 generated Thanksgiving food with misspelled labels (such as Grasted Potinos for mashed potatoes)

Your guide to the Thanksgiving table

So lately I've been getting a kick out of asking DALL-E3 for images labeled with text. They're just good enough to be legible, but yet: The food that gets duplicated seems to vary from spread to spread. I also asked DALL-E 3 to do the dessert table. When I asked
Two chairs with seats of thick knotted pieces of wood and backs like carved pillars.

Generated furniture: cursed, but beautiful

Beetle kill pine is a popular wood in Colorado, salvaged from trees killed by pine bark beetles. While the dead trees stand before harvesting, a fungus colonizes them, giving the wood interesting blue-grey streaks called spalting. It's a really pretty wood. But AI apparently thinks "a chair made of beetle
This AI is bad at drawing but will try anyways.

This AI is bad at drawing but will try anyways.

There was a paper [] recently where a research team trained a machine learning algorithm (a GAN they called AttnGAN []) to generate pictures based on written descriptions. It’s like Visual Chatbot [] in reverse. When
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