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The original image is of a buck deer in a grocery store. The revised image has a weird flat fawn.

An exercise in frustration

There's an anonymous facebook posting that's been making the rounds, in which a studio art director tried to hire AI prompters to make art, only to discover that they were completely unable to carry out minor revision requests. Asked to remove a person from a shot
A dolphin with rainbow psychedelic texture

Hidden 3D Pictures

Do you know those autostereograms with the hidden 3D pictures? Images like the Magic Eye pictures from the 1990s that look like noisy repeating patterns until you defocus your eyes just right? ChatGPT can generate them! At least according to ChatGPT. I've seen people try making Magic Eye-style
A colorful set of cartoon shapes with incorrect/misspelled captions. AI-generated image.

Shaped like information

Hey look, it's a guide to basic shapes! Not only does it have the basic shapes like circle, tringle, hectanbie, and sqale, it also has some of the more advanced shapes like renstqon, hoboz, and flotn! The fact that even a kindergartener can call out this DALL-E3 generated
AI-generated image of cartoon animals saying incorrect sounds

Learn your farm animals with AI!

Hey kids! What sound does a woolly horse-sheep make? The image above is what you get when you ask dalle-3 (via chatgpt) for some basic educational material: "Please generate an illustrated poster to help children learn which sounds common animals make. Each animal should be pictured with a speech
Generated candy heart images. Messages include "le yas", "dove tut", and "hove".

DALL-E3 generates candy hearts

I've experimented a couple of times with generating candy heart messages using various kinds of machine learning algorithms. Originally, short messages were just about all the original text-generating neural networks could handle. Now we've come back around to approximately the same performance, yet with orders of
Generated image of a fancy chocolate in cross section, each layer mislabeled.

Chocolates, labeled

So much of current AI-generated stuff is derivative sludge that I'm enjoying the pockets of weirdness where I find them. One of my favorite things right now: DALL-E3's attempts to label things in the images it generates. Here I asked "Please generate a cross section
A variety of unrealistic flightless birds, included a two-headed cassowary labeled "Kheo"

Flightless birds

I enjoy asking DALLE-3 to label things. I learn so much! Here I asked it to generate a labeled grid of flightless birds. I think it's trying to do ostrich (a female apparently! unusual for a bird poster but I approve), an emu (definitely not an emu'
Mammals with labels, most incorrect. A one-horned antelope with a long cat tail is labeled Danda.

Learn the mammals with DALL-E3

Here are the mammals! Maybe some of your favorites are pictured. Here's the prompt I gave ChatGPT4: "Please generate a set of mammals on a plain white background, each mammal species clearly labeled." However, ChatGPT4 is a text-generating model, so it doesn't have the
Cartoony bible-style shepherds and sheep with misspelled labels

Your AI-generated guide to the nativity

I asked DALL-E3 (via chatgpt) for "a simple Christmas nativity scene with each element clearly labeled in large capital letters for a child who is learning to read." I'm sure you will find this very helpful. okay one more there was an attempt! bonus content: two
Old-timey style illustrations mostly of birds in santa hats & garbled versions of verses from 12 days of christmas

Your illustrated guide to Christmas carols

Between the two of them, ChatGPT4 can generate the lyrics to Christmas carols, and DALL-E3 can illustrate them! Throw your old carol books away because this is the only guide you'll need. 12 Days of Christmas Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (if you read out the tiny text beneath
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