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Alternate Rudolphs

Alternate Rudolphs

I’ve been experimenting with generating Christmas carols using machine learning algorithms of various sizes. The smallest AIs, trained from scratch on a set of carols, tended to get confused [] about what exactly the carols are celebrating. GPT-2, larger and with some internet pretraining…
The AI's Carol

The AI's Carol

In 2017 I decided to find out what would happen if I trained a neural net on 240 Christmas carols (collected by The Times of London and reader/neural net hobbyist Erik Svensson). The result? A neural net that was very confused about how Christmas works [
Christmas Carols, generated by a neural network

Christmas Carols, generated by a neural network

Neural networks are a type of computer program that imitate the way that brains learn to solve problems. They’re used for face recognition, self-driving cars, language translation, financial decisions, and more. I mainly use them to write humor. My process starts with a dataset - something that the neural
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