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How to make an Intimidating Sponge Cake. Last step is "Hide it all under a carpet." (full version in post)

GPT-3: It can't resist a list

One strange thing I've noticed about otherwise reasonably competent text-generating neural nets is how their lists tend to go off the rails. I noticed this first with GPT-2. But it turns out GPT-3 is no exception. Here's the largest model, GPT-3 DaVinci, finishing this list of ingredients you put in
Blue Screen of Death Message: A huge malevolent being of immeasurable strength has just awakened within your computer.

Use AI to improve your error messages

One of the fun things about working with a giant text-generating model with general internet training is that when it finishes responding to one of your prompts, it'll sometimes continue with a prompt of its own. (This can also be one of the NOT fun things, if its prompts veer
Scented Pouter, Most-Kneed Tiptoeing Pigeon, Rodeo Puff, Half-waved Party Pigeon, Little Gem, Long-headed Clearwing

Neural nest: AI-generated pigeon breeds

I'd been vaguely aware of pigeons until I read my friend Rosemary Mosco's book A Pocket Guide to Pigeon Watching. Now I'm in love. It started with the back cover, where there's a pigeon trying so hard to impress me with its puffed-up plumage. They're all such good pigeons. From
I'm dressing as a vampire for Halloween! More impressive:I shall be displaying my vampiric prowesses at a Halloween carnaval

How to improve your Halloween costume

I've amused myself before by getting GPT-3 to change one kind of text into another. With just a few style-change examples, I got it to change the Winnie the Pooh theme song into this: In the uncanny depths of the Hundred Acre Wood is the place where the great wizard
How to haunt and unhaunt a house

How to haunt and unhaunt a house

What do you get if you instruct an AI to turn a house into the most haunted house in the world? What if you ask it for the LEAST haunted house? How does an AI know what "haunted" looks like, anyways? I did some experiments with CLIP+VQGAN (link and
Several lumps of olden cake covered with generous dollops of creamy frosting.

Neural networks vs the Bake-off technical challenge

There's this baking competition I really like, and one of the elements in every show is what they call the Technical Challenge. In the Technical Challenge, Great British Bakeoff contestants have to bake something they may never have seen before, based solely on a brief description and a very sparse
See How Much! logo is white on red with three white pears

Very normal grocery stores

I was reminded recently that US grocery stores often have strange names. I grew up shopping at Big Bear and Giant Eagle and thought it was very normal for grocery stores to be named after megafauna. Given a list of real but strange grocery store names to complete (such as
Botober 2021: plz draw the AI a sluggalope

Botober 2021: plz draw the AI a sluggalope

One of my favorite things ever is when AI instructs people to do silly creative things, and the humans gamely play along. For a couple of Octobers now I've used various AI models to generate daily #botober drawing prompts, and I've been amazed by the sheer creativity with which artists
AI is based on math so it is correct

AI is based on math so it is correct

Since OpenAI released CLIP, trained on internet pictures and their nearby text, people have been using it to generate images. In all these methods - CLIP+Dall-E, CLIP+BigGAN, CLIP+FFT, CLIP+VQGAN, CLIP+diffusion - you come up with a text prompt, some algorithm presents its images to CLIP,
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