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Rhyming is hard

Rhyming is hard

Although many people have generated AI poetry and lyrics, you’ll notice that they generally don’t rhyme. That’s because generating a decent rhyme is super hard. You can get an inkling of this if you prompt the neural net GPT-2 with rhymes to complete. It will fail almost
How to begin a song

How to begin a song

So a while ago I made my first Twitter/Mastodon bot, a very simple little bot called TheSingalongBot. It came out of a chance conversation at the XOXO conference with Kate Compton and Gretchen McCulloch, and all it does is toot/tweet/twoot the first line of a song. Humans
Christmas Carols, generated by a neural network

Christmas Carols, generated by a neural network

Neural networks are a type of computer program that imitate the way that brains learn to solve problems. They’re used for face recognition, self-driving cars, language translation, financial decisions, and more. I mainly use them to write humor. My process starts with a dataset - something that the neural
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