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This is what tea will be like in The Simulation

This is what tea will be like in The Simulation

What would it look like if, in the distant future, a group of machine intelligences tried to make tea? Not just to brew tea, but to recreate the entire concept from long-forgotten synapses buried deep within the hidden layers of their virtual brains? To see what that might be like,


Blowing on a hot cup of tea to cool it - works! This is a movie taken with a thermal camera, so the hottest areas show up brightest.  When a hot piece of iron cools, it glows yellow, then orange, then red, then finally goes dark - at least to


A cup of hot green tea!  Imaged at 10 microns using a thermal camera. In this picture, the hottest areas show up as the lightest.  The tea’s near boiling, so it’s much brighter than everything else in the photo - the room in the background fades into the
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