Here’s another view of the sample I posted earlier, the one that was so wonderfully, spectacularly ruined.

This time I’ve zoomed in near the very edge of the chip, where the vast plain of laser material abruptly ends at a jagged cliff.  By the time I was looking way out here, there wasn’t much more to learn - I had already passed chaotic ranges of mountains and mesas and canyons that told me without a doubt that this sample was ruined.

This spot looks pretty bad too.  By the shallowness of the wall at the left of the picture I can tell that over here, I didn’t get any of the laser material etched away at all.  And all the junk strewn across the surface tells me that even if any etching had taken place, it would have resulted in chaos as well.  Oh, well.  At least the scenery’s nice.

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