It is quite fitting that the idea to train a neural net to generate comics names came from the creator of a webcomic about a hapless AI robot. Aaron Uglum collected 1,417 names of newspaper comics from Wikipedia, and I gave them to textgenrnn to see if it could figure out how to make more of them. Then, Aaron gave them these delightful illustrations.

Please enjoy these very strange comics.

Blue Laughs
Cheat and Socky
Ways of the Hole
Every Wife Flying Brother World
Bully Nuts
Ridgy Clump
The World of Huge

I am actively mad that these superheroes don’t exist.

Amazing Pea
Incredible Bear!
Cute dog

Idea and illustrations by Aaron Uglum - go read his AI robot webcomic, LABS!

Comic: Bad Day. Why? The robot got ahold of some epoxy. Oh yeah, that would do it.  Ever tried to pry your phone off the wall?

The bonus material for this post is basically an entire post’s worth of webcomics names - I had been all set to post a longer list when Aaron sent me this huge set of fantastic illustrations. Become an AI Weirdness supporter to get bonus content! Or become a free subscriber to get new posts in your inbox.

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