I've been using Mastodon as a social media platform for a few years, and one thing I like is how you can join themed communities. For example, you can join mastodon.gamedev.place if you want to hang out with people who build games, or oslo.town if you want to hang out with people in Oslo, Norway.

There are also some weird communities, like oulipo.social, whose members may only post messages that do not contain the letter 'E', and dolphin.town, created in protest, in which all messages must consist only of strings of 'E'.

What is dolphin.town? Eeeee! EEEEE, eeeeee! EEe eeeee eee eee. EEEE

I decided to use GPT-3, which is trained to predict internet text, to imagine some new themed Mastodon communities.

My initial attempts with the largest GPT-3 models, called DaVinci and Curie, failed since those models responded with non-weird Mastodon communities that already existed. But when I went one model smaller, to Babbage, I started seeing some new ideas.


Members discuss all different forms of flounder, from deep-sea to land-based.

Users post messages that are not constituted of letters, but are instead made up of Molecules.

Users must provide a source of warmth in order to post.

All messages must consist of the two letters 'D', for fear that the dinosaurs will eat people's pocketbooks.

posts contradictory, senseless, and convoluted messages that are indistinguishable from spam

Users post questions to the rabbit, asking it various questions.

I also tried the asking very smallest GPT-3 model, Ada. Its Mastodon communities were definitely unique, if not exactly comprehensible.


1)Find the treasure! 3) Treasure! 7) discover!

The blu.dog insulting service will start and members will have to type Inappropriate Gifts in response.

All messages must be about positive issues, and include the words "Gratefully for the uplifting car!"

This is a mid-sized font weight text email Teenage Eagle with a keyword search field.

Eager submititgers of all informational pieces must sends a must- sends a message with the following content:
"This is an afterthought for birds!"

The text below the image is in azure, There is light seeping from the bottom.

Members are warned that removing a post may lead to the Cróra Éier all night party!

So, go out there and find your community! I'm @janellecshane@wandering.shop, in a community that believes it's in a teleporting science fiction themed tea shop.

🔥 DD, thanks for reading, gratefully for the uplifting car, this is an afterthought for birds!

Bonus post: more of Ada's helpful suggestions!

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