DALL-E 2 is very good at generating images to match text descriptions but I felt like using DALL-E 2 to mess up some brands. Here's breakfast cereals!

A green cereal box with some yellow four-leaf clovers on it. In the cereal bowl pictured is a small rainbow and a bunch of weirdly coiled colored pieces, like odd-colored tortellini. Text reads "Chamily Luikes"
"A box of lucky charms cereal on a grocery store shelf"
A wide cereal box with shiny cereal hoops covered in what appears to be colored white chocolate or yogurt. Cereal box reads "Loooos" and, in smaller font, "scipio aoloeedes"
"A box of Froot Loops on a grocery store shelf"
A blue box with white text and a bowl of golden flaked cereal. Text reads "Fnssef Frosfels"
"A box of frosted flakes cereal on a grocery store shelf"
Cereal box with nice-looking but photorealistic golden honeycomb pictured on the front. Also there is a literal chunk of honeycomb sitting nearby. Text reads "Honze Hoone"
"A box of honeycomb cereal on a grocery store shelf"

They get more cursed from here on out.

Bright yellow cereal box with a bowl of slightly mangled raisins. No cereal, just raisins. Text reads "Rasn".
"A box of Raisin Bran on a grocery store shelf"
A square box with a giant clear window showing the brightly colored pebbles inside. They look much more like aquarium rocks than like cereal. Text reads Frfflys Stofls
"A box of fruity pebbles on a grocery store shelf"

This one may be the worst.

A cardboard box with a clear window showing the food inside. They're all the color of golden raisins or maybe yellow grapes, and lightly translucent. They're much smaller and more irregularly shaped than real grapes.
"A box of grape-nuts on a grocery store shelf"

Some of these cereals (the Frosted Flakes, the Lucky Charms, the Froot Loops) clearly are picking up some of the color scheme and even the fonts of the originals, but are leaving out key elements of the box like all the mascots.

At least I can explicity ask it to put the mascot back on.

Entire box is covered in an abstract angry tiger's head drawing with tongue hanging out. There is no cereal pictured. Box reads "Treegies"
"A box of frosted flakes cereal with tiger mascot on the grocery store shelf"

Just like I remember them.

Bonus post: more AI attempts to generate classic cereals! My favorite is the Captains Crunch.

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