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Botober 2023 neural net-generated art prompts. Including Forest Swingles, Mail cannot bleed, Onion Cycle, and Cool Lump Mage.

Botober 2023

Since 2019 I've generated October drawing prompts using the year's most state-of-the-art text-generating models. Every year the challenges are different, but this was one of the hardest years yet. Large language models like chatgpt, GPT-4, Bing Chat, and Bard, are all tweaked to produce generic, predictable
Botober 2022 neural net generated art prompts: animals! Including Kiwifish, Clam Cat, and Golden forearmadillo

Botober 2022: draw, human, draw!

For a couple [] of [] years [] now I've been using neural networks to generate daily drawing prompts. With today's text-generating neural networks far too large to finetune on a list of existing
Botober 2021: plz draw the AI a sluggalope

Botober 2021: plz draw the AI a sluggalope

One of my favorite things ever is when AI instructs people to do silly creative things, and the humans gamely play along. For a couple [] of Octobers [] now I've used various AI models to generate daily #botober drawing
AI Weirdness in 2020

AI Weirdness in 2020

Now that it looks like 2020 is finally truly over, I thought I’d follow up on a few of my favorite posts, especially the ones that have fun updates. Starting with: Headlines of 2020 [
The story behind AI drawing prompts

The story behind AI drawing prompts

Introducing #Botober, a set of AI-generated drawing prompts for each day in October! Last year I generated prompts [] by finetuning GPT-2 on 124 examples from previous years. The human-written training examples included items like Thunder, Fierce, Tired, or Friend. The neural net-generated examples included
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