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AI Weirdness in 2020

AI Weirdness in 2020

Now that it looks like 2020 is finally truly over, I thought I’d follow up on a few of my favorite posts, especially the ones that have fun updates. Starting with: Headlines of 2020 [
Alternate Rudolphs

Alternate Rudolphs

I’ve been experimenting with generating Christmas carols using machine learning algorithms of various sizes. The smallest AIs, trained from scratch on a set of carols, tended to get confused [] about what exactly the carols are celebrating. GPT-2, larger and with some internet pretraining…
Jukebox of weirdness

Jukebox of weirdness

Ever wish you could hear what it would have sounded like if jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald had done a cover of Baby Shark? [] So classy, right? How did this happen? A couple of steps: 1. OpenAI trained a new neural net called Jukebox [https:
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