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Escape rooms

Escape rooms

Now that so many of us are spending so much time in our own homes, the thought of being stuck in a room is very much on our minds. If you’ve ever done an escape room, you know that you can pay to be stuck in a room -
Dungeon crawling or lucid dreaming?

Dungeon crawling or lucid dreaming?

I’ve done several experiments with a text-generating neural network called GPT-2. Trained at great expense by OpenAI (to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars worth of computing power), GPT-2 learned to imitate all kinds of text from the internet. I’ve interacted with the basic model, discovering
AIs named by AIs

AIs named by AIs

Neural networks can be good at naming things, I’ve discovered. Recently I’ve been experimenting with a neural network called GPT-2 [], which OpenAI trained on a huge chunk of the internet. Thanks to a colab notebook implementation by Max Woolf [
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