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The word "fart" written 251 times, rated as 99.98% fake by the GPT2 detector

Apparently I am a robot

As AI-generated text is getting better, it's getting easier to pass it off as human-written. That's not to say it's as good as human-written. Its goal is to sound correct rather than be correct, so it has a well-known tendency to confidently make stuff
Will Orioles eat jelly with ants in it? The Orioles are a professional baseball team in Baltimore, Maryland.

The Baltimore Orioles Effect

Back when the text-generating neural network GPT-2 was released, OpenAI released it in stages, in part for fear that people might use the more advanced models to generate misinformation. Now in 2022 we do indeed have people passing off AI-written text as human, but rather than being divisive, it’s
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