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Several lumps of olden cake covered with generous dollops of creamy frosting.

Neural networks vs the Bake-off technical challenge

There's this baking competition I really like, and one of the elements in every show is what they call the Technical Challenge. In the Technical Challenge, Great British Bakeoff contestants have to bake something they may never have seen before, based solely on a brief description and a very sparse
From Cat to Kitchen: a cautionary tale

From Cat to Kitchen: a cautionary tale

I’m not sure what was more unsettling: my recent failed attempt to train a neural net called StyleGAN2 to generate screenshots from The Great British Bakeoff, or my successful attempt to train StyleGAN2 to generate pictures of my cat. The problem with the cat pictures wasn’t that they
This is not cozy: AI attempts the Great British Bakeoff

This is not cozy: AI attempts the Great British Bakeoff

I’m a big fan of comforting TV, and one of my go-tos is the Great British Bakeoff. It’s the cheerful clarinet-filled soundtrack, the low-stakes baking-centric tension, and the general good-natured kindness of the bakers to one another. What better way to spread cheer and baked deliciousness than to
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