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New AI short story! The Skeleton Crew

New AI short story! The Skeleton Crew

illustration by Natalie Matthews-Ramo"There was so much she might not hear, being located so far from her body, relying on cheap headphones. It had never mattered before."I have a new story out in Slate Future Tense! The Skeleton Crew I wanted to write a story about today's AI,
Metal Band or My Little Pony?

Metal Band or My Little Pony?

Neural networks are algorithms that learn by example, rather than by following a programmer’s set of rules. Although on this blog I’ve mostly been using them to generate new examples of things (like paint colors, halloween costumes, or craft beers), neural networks can do a lot more. One
More neural network guinea pig names

More neural network guinea pig names

So it turns out that neural networks, among their many talents, can come up with awesome names for guinea pigs. I found this out when the Portland Guinea Pig Rescue contacted me one day, asking if I’d ever thought of training a neural network to name guinea pigs. I
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