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AI is based on math so it is correct

AI is based on math so it is correct

Since OpenAI released CLIP, trained on internet pictures and their nearby text, people have been using it to generate images. In all these methods - CLIP+Dall-E [], CLIP+BigGAN [], CLIP+FFT [], CLIP+VQGAN [https://www.
Depixellation? Or hallucination?

Depixellation? Or hallucination?

There’s an application for neural nets called “photo upsampling” which is designed to turn a very low-resolution photo into a higher-res one. This is an image from a recent paper demonstrating one of these algorithms, called “PULSE: Self-Supervised Photo Upsampling via Latent Space Exploration of Generative Models [https://github.
Depth of field fails

Depth of field fails

You might think of AI as a thing that only runs on powerful cloud computing servers, but these days you’ll also find it in your phone. Unlike the AI in science fiction, the AI in your phone is limited to just one task at a time - predicting the
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