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Blue Screen of Death Message: A huge malevolent being of immeasurable strength has just awakened within your computer.

Use AI to improve your error messages

One of the fun things about working with a giant text-generating model with general internet training is that when it finishes responding to one of your prompts, it'll sometimes continue with a prompt of its own. (This can also be one of the NOT fun things, if its
I'm dressing as a vampire for Halloween! More impressive:I shall be displaying my vampiric prowesses at a Halloween carnaval

How to improve your Halloween costume

I've amused myself before [] by getting GPT-3 to change one kind of text into another. With just a few style-change examples, I got it to change the Winnie the Pooh theme song []
How to change a giraffe into a bird

How to change a giraffe into a bird

When people study the ways that AI generates and detects images, they have to use something as a test problem. Delightfully, a recent paper [] decided to train an AI to transform pictures of giraffes into pictures of birds. Why? Apparently, just to see if
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