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Mammals with labels, most incorrect. A one-horned antelope with a long cat tail is labeled Danda.

Learn the mammals with DALL-E3

Here are the mammals! Maybe some of your favorites are pictured. Here's the prompt I gave ChatGPT4: "Please generate a set of mammals on a plain white background, each mammal species clearly labeled." However, ChatGPT4 is a text-generating model, so it doesn't have the
Cartoons of fruits, mostly incorrectly labeled. There's a lemon labeled Bawo and a strawberry labeled Cherpes.

Learn your fruits and vegetables

Thanks to DALL-E3 generated educational material, we can bypass the need for teachers and textbook writers. Can it do fruits? Of course it does fruits! Or perhaps you would like to learn your berries? Perhaps you would like to learn your berries in SWEDISH? I'm learning so much.
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