Thanks to DALL-E3 generated educational material, we can bypass the need for teachers and textbook writers.

It's a set of vegetables on a plain white background. The vegetables look plausibly photorealistic, but their labels are mostly wrong and often hilariously misspelled. A tomato is labeled "Geel Pepr", a Broccoli is labeled "Bell Pepper" and another is labeled "Yellowsl". A yellow pepper is almost labeled correctly but it says Poper instead of pepper. The last row is the worst: A green pepper labeled Carnnur, a pair or cucumbers labeled "Carroti", a larger cucumber labeled "Bocopli" and a tomato labeled Brocccober. At the upper left a single tomato is labeled correctly.
Vivid cartoon icons of various vegetables. An eggplant is labeled Egmpant, a bunch of leafy greens is labeled Eughant, a short zucchini is labeled Potaito, and a lettuce is labeled Letato. A potato and a very large green chili pepper are both labeled Radish.

Can it do fruits? Of course it does fruits!

Very cute fruit icons, mostly incorrectly labeled in cheerful rounded capital letters. Two apples at the upper left are labeled Apple, but the apple next to it is partially cut open and is labeled banana. Next to that are two actual bunches of bananas but their labeles say Oranga and Leame. Three strawberries are labeled Orange, Strawbery, and Cherpes. Four bunches of grabes are labeled Strawberry, Strawerry, S'Firo, and Lemon. There's a lemon labeled Bawo and an orance slice labeled Grande.
Very crisp photos of some fruits. An apple is labeled apple and an orange is labeled orange. So far so good. But next to the orange is a very curvy banana labeled Orage, and an apple labeled Orage. A cut-open orange is labeled Grcaps. A weirdly spherical bunch of grapes is labeled Mffna. A kiwi is labeled khwi, and a single giant blueberry is labeled Bberry.

Or perhaps you would like to learn your berries?

The styling is like an artsy poster with a grid of labeled berries. There are two raspberries labeled raspberrry, I'll give it that much. But there's a strawberry labeled Biitt, and a blackberry labeled Cniit. A cluster of pale berries might be underripe blueberries - they're labeled Oleeberry. A hilarious wide flat pale raspberry is labeled Cuurbeerry. I like the lavender colored cluster labeled Mullmerry. I would like to see someone hang this casually as a poster somewhere.

Perhaps you would like to learn your berries in SWEDISH?

A set of berries labeled (incorrectly) in English and then (hilariously incorrectly with excessive umlauts) in Swedish. There are strawberries labeled Hallön and Rödön (the first ö, in addition to the umlaut, also has a bar stacked upon it). There's a set of blueberries and raspberries labeled Jördgwbb (the ö is actually a triple umlaut and the g has an umlaut too somehow). A cluster of red and black berries are labeled Rödbarar (the d, a, r, and last a all have umlauts). There's a bunch of blueberries labeled Slabarr, where the umlauts on the A's are clumps of at least 3 dots each. My favorite is probably the shiny black berries labeled Seabtbörr (The E has a double umlaut, the B has a smudge with a tiny dot over it, the T has some kind of curly hat, and the last o has a mini umlaut above its umlaut.

I'm learning so much.

Bonus content: more fruits and vegetables to learn, including some in French and Italian!

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