It's Halloween and you're sorting candy. Which are you keeping and which are you trading?

AI-generated candy bars with very candy bar like text that reads things like: Sherdeyis, Traws, Sharwy, Hearry, Skerduys, Aldmonds, Tooffee, Shaddeys, Ramond, and N&N's
A grid of AI-generated candy bars with logos such as: Cheslate, Sheryers, Smdy, Frands, Canket, Nonnas

I'm experimenting with the version of DALL-E 3 that's currently included in ChatGPT (there's another version in Bing chat). It's much better than DALL-E 2 at generating candy bars, but fortunately they are not photorealistic yet.

DALL-E 3 does do a better job if I asked for just one specific candy bar - for example, it mostly spells "Butterfinger" correctly. However it does suffer from what I've described elsewhere as "the kitten effect", in which its quality gets worse the more of them it has to do at a single go.

Weirdly smooth and perfect butterfinger bars, mostly spelled correctly, although two of them have their g and e merged.
"Please generate a product photo of a fun-sized butterfinger candy bar"
A massive stack of full-sized butterfinger bars that sort of morph into each other as if they are a solid mass. The ones toward the back have mostly illegible text.
"Photo of a couple of dozen Butterfinger candy bars organized in a grid pattern on a pristine white background."
A bunch of mini butterfinger bars in various colors, with most of their text garbled and illegible, although the frontmost few aren't bad.
"Photo of hundreds of Butterfinger candy bars organized in a grid pattern on a pristine white background."

Note that if I give it a prompt like "Please generate a photorealistic set of classic fun sized candy bars" the ChatGPT interface will vary this on its own into four much wordier prompts specifying details I never asked for. One example of what the above prompt turned into: "Photo of a collection of classic fun-sized candy bars arranged neatly on a white background. The candy bars have vibrant wrappers, and popular brands like chocolate nougat, caramel-filled, and peanut butter are visible." It makes it hard to repeat any given prompt, because it's always changed by the system before ChatGPT gives the prompt to DALL-E3.

I also wonder if the extra wordiness is affecting the names of the candy bars. Otherwise I'm at a loss to figure out where these candy bar names came from:

Single very shiny rectangular candies in wrappers, with the following names: Thuner, Ininke, Tanes, and Tawer.
"A single fun-sized candy bar in its wrapper on a pristine white background"


Happy That At Least Some AI Generated Text Is Still Weird

Bonus content: some more candy bars and a weird ghost superorganism

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