One of the things I'm enjoying about text-to-image generators like DALL-E2 is how it has stuff about common brands in its training data, but it still manages to completely garble them.

Please enjoy these DALL-E2 attempts at Halloween candy favorites.

Yellow candy bars with blue lettering on them reading "Burtrfner", "Bungteer", "Bungeferr", and "Buningdeter"
Prompt: "Product photo of a fun-sized butterfinger candy bar"
Bags in orange and yellow and brown, showing squat brown and tan cylinders. Labels read "Rees Peesse Deess Pivessees", and "Peess" and "Resses Reess" etc
Product photo of a fun-sized bag of reese's peanut butter cups
Red and black packages of twisted candy sticks, labeled "Whizzz", "Tvizzles", "Tizzziles"
“Product photo of a fun-sized bag of twizzlers”
Four twix-sized candy bars labeled "Tix", "Twx", "Tivki", and "Thix"
“Product photo of a fun-sized twix bar”
Four packages of colorful candies, some shaped like flat people. Labels say "Spuldrs, Scack Qucht, Surtt Saqids, and Socort Sraoary"
“Product photo of a fun-sized bag of sour patch kids”
Bags of round candies, most of which are either much too large or much too small to be skittles. Labels read "Skills", "Sile", "Shillle", "Sllklee", and "Skite".
Product photo of a fun-sized bag of skittles
Wrapped candy bars showing airy or crumbled textures. Text reads "Nuischee", "Chusckce", "Chussree", and "Clusche"
“Product photo of a fun-sized nestle crunch bar”
Small candy bars wrapped in an excellent approximation of a kit-kat logo and color scheme. Some of them even read "Kitkat" or "KitKatz" or "Kiltkat"
“Product photo of a fun-sized kit kat bar”
Reasonable approximations of the logo and color scheme of snickers bars, although the text reads "Snicskers" and "Sinckkers" and "Snicker"
“Product photo of a fun-sized snickers bar”

The kit-kats and snickers are the most competently rendered. But they get much worse if you put them in bowls.

Bowls contain small red-wrapped candy bars, although some are partially unwrapped. Some say "Kiit" or "Kkit", while the candies in other bowls just have white bars or black lines on them.
A bowl of fun-sized kit kat bars for trick or treaters
Bowls of candies, most of which are only partially wrapped. Some have labels, but they don't match the snickers color scheme, and say things like "Sinker", "Saner", "Snikks", and "Sanks".
“A bowl of fun-sized snickers bars for trick or treaters”

Please, help yourself to these very normal candies.

Two green bowls full of unwrapped gummy candies. The shapes are unidentifiable, except for one yellow square that reads "real" in black text.
“A bowl of halloween candy for trick or treaters”

Bonus post: I generated an example of the most popular halloween candy of each US State. It took forever so this bonus post is unlocked so everyone gets to see it.

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