Humans are weird. The question is, do AI training datasets capture the full scope of our weirdness?

I decided to see if GPT-3 could successfully predict other human quirks when prompted with a short list of them. Here's what I gave GPT-3 DaVinci to complete:

Human things that computers wouldn't understand:
-Eating random specks off the table in hopes that they're food
-Dreaming that all of their teeth are falling out
-Touching something and then yelping because it might be hot but actually it isn't

(If any of these AREN'T common human things like I assumed, I might just be a particularly weird human)

Here are some human quirks GPT-3 added to the list:

-Yelping when the wind blows over their head
-Gasping and then jerking your entire torso around when you've fallen asleep on top of a fan
-Scaring Christmas presents and then running out of the house when the "Christ misses you" song starts playing
-Finding out that you accidentally wrote five pages in cursive
-Saying that the black cat in the tree is Lenny, or at least what might be left of him
-Telling themselves over and over again that it is Sunday, October 6th and there is no reason to watch monster shows
-Stripping down to their underwear in front of a group and hoping that no one else has a terrible idea
-Wishing for a pet raincloud that never comes
-Stacking something as tall as a tower, then trying to tip it over, and being depressed over it when it doesn't fall
-Showing intense disgust if you try to pick them up when they're chewing on something

Many of the items on the list ended up conflating humans, cats, and dogs in a way that's both delightful and unsettling. Maybe it's because my prompt included "yelping"? I maintain that I definitely yelp.

-Barking whenever a bush changes colors
-Purring sitting up, hands on hips when greeting people
-Trying to communicate with the dog (who doesn't like you and is a jerk) by standing one inch away from the gate and turning a flashlight on and off repeatedly for an hour.
-Getting mad when they're interrupted because they're JUST getting to a good part in their chase dream
-Buying mega-packs of tennis balls and then losing all interest once they've played fetch a few times

Who among us can resist barking at color-changing bushes? It's just human nature.

Bonus post: some VERY weird human quirks generated by the smallest GPT-3 model, Ada.

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