One way to generate buzz for your new food truck: a unique theme or gimmick. But with new food trucks popping up everywhere, how can you ensure that your idea is creative enough?

Lindsay Diamond suggested a possible neural net solution. So as a demonstration, I wrote short descriptions for 5 real food trucks (Gourdough's Donuts, Bananarchy, Taco Beast, The Grillenium Falcon, and Company 77 Mobile Pizza Unit) and then got a neural net called GPT-3 to add to the list.

The first variant of GPT-3 I usually try is the largest, DaVinci, because if DaVinci can’t catch onto a particular format, the others won’t either. As I had hoped, DaVinci added new food trucks to the list. But when I checked, the food trucks already existed. DaVinci had seen enough lists of real restaurants and food trucks during training that it just drew on these.

GPT-3 DaVinci


The EZ stands for easy. EZ BBQ sells easy-to-eat BBQ sandwiches.
Sweeto Burrito Truck

Known for powering their burritos with love...and gummy bears.

Watch your cupcakes levitate, thanks to a van ... that travels through time?

It did add the gummy bears and the time travel, though.

I had the best results actually with the smallest GPT-3 variant, Ada, who knew enough to catch on that this was a list of food trucks (usually), but not enough to come up with existing, or even plausible, suggestions. I love them.

GPT-3 Ada

Pasta by the 5th Tree

How Porsche's waswolf dog shifted to earth. A literal bed of pasta (turned inside out) is served at this pizza truck booth.
They You

Turbo treat and funnel cake awaited anyone accepting the sign. A collection of assorted cardboard tiles.
Bubble Doodle Babies

For the whole family, have your meal of bubble-dumplings in Cinnamon's Tower.
Dumplings Rope

Anyone who has ever broken the chain should clear their room. Buy enough spare chains so that you need the bag of unbroken chains at least 45 times again.
Classsy Camper

This company (read on) lives to do camp. Guests enjoy a large tub of the aforementioned dumplings, as well as a festive romp through a neon-lit snozzebay.
The Fruit, Hatcheries, and Me

You can find fruit on the windshield, rides, food trucks, pards, and other haunts.

The fruit traffic quickly part ways with the exterior pie partitions and disappears inside the dome.
Booger Space: Hanging Teeth

Two animated clowns venture up into the lift shaft of the fruit cart. The clowns bust out hives of fuzzy boogers. At the top of the shaft, they spring King Wiggly. This anti-chloricode steam gives the boogers wings. This is the only thing drawing attention in any way, shape, or form throughout the Dome.
Bar Restaurant in One Block

A very odd table, with a long wooden bar, with a dressy guy doing lounge music in a black leather seat, a playlist playing,"Lobster Vs Fish Vol. 2". Located along P The Goreway. Never order that list!
Grozone Galahad Farm

Grozone GTF restaurant and trailer -- "for place food, food service and that cool ooh-gitty-cola freak show people can do with their dogs." Their marketing strategy has explicitly admitted that Teammates are dogs.
Dry Sprout Bakery Bakery

Bakery is a dessert bakery. Their own side of the dressings begin with WHOLE FRUIT OR NOTORIOUSLY FRUIT that has howls out and "The more the merrier! That lettuce ya got! Haha". Their doors are made to resemble a symphony of wind chimes and sequined cherries--which becomes their quintessential color scheme. Occasionally, they will entertain.

Get your new food truck website up before someone takes one of these ideas. Remember, GPT-3 scanned most of the internet in training, so that means it knows what’s popular.

I experimented with the other GPT-3 variants and although Curie (the 2nd largest) grabbed existing food trucks like DaVinci did, Babbage (the 2nd smallest) had some interesting ideas.

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