This bonus post is now unlocked for everyone!

In the main post I experimented with Pixray Swirl, which I could use to build an image and then sort of zoom into it. It took me a while to get the hang of steering, and I never quite got precise enough to aim into the precise center of where I wanted to go.

A single hole with a people standing on various interior ledges looking down. The camera zooms in on a spot a little to the left of the actual hole, and the ground beside the hole widens and starts to look like continents.
"Looking down a hole into the center of the Earth #8bit #pixelart"

It charitably tries to keep the hole in the frame, since at least it knows that every frame is supposed to contain a hole. But my aim was definitely off. And I think the bottom of the hole ended up getting further away?

This was my first attempt at steering into a hole, and I was WAY off.

The camera zooms quickly away from the deepest cave tunnel and into a fold in the ceiling. The stalactites bleed a little and the glowing mushrooms look pretty, but the effect is spoiled by cartoon super mario faces that appear on the walls.
"deep dark cave tunnel with stalactites and glowing mushrooms #artstation #8bit #pixelart

I also learned that the word "mushroom" is pretty much poisoned by association with Super Mario, and any attempt to use the word "mushroom" in a serious prompt is doomed by goofy cartoon faces.

Here I did slightly better at steering! We never got to the end of the corridor but I think we got somewhere.

It is definitely a spaceship interior filled with carnivorous plants, most of which resemble some sort of pitcher plant. The camera heads down a long hallway, down which are more plants and some person with a bowl cut covering their eyes.
"carnivorous plants fill the long corridors of a spaceship #8bit #pixelart"

I really want to know why the person with the purplish bowl haircut keeps showing up whenever I do a prompt involving poisonous plants.

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