Children of the early 2000s internet (hi!) may remember spending hours watching Strong Bad emails from They are literally short videos of some guy named Strong Bad checking his email and they are hilarious.

Anyway, Strong Bad just emailed this out on the Twitter:

StrongBad: For April Fool's day this year, I wish Bubs would feed all my sbemails into his discount neural network and see what kinda insane, eyeball-covered gold it would spit out.

To find out what that would be like, I used a real neural network, the discount version of Open AI’s GPT-2, the publically-released version with 117 million parameters. Starting from its knowledge of a huge chunk of the internet, plus whatever I trained it on last (looks like that was D&D character bios), I finetuned it briefly on the full text of ~200 emails extracted from It worked so well it’s almost scary.

Dear Strong Bad, If you must use a wrestling stick in a wrestling match, where do you place it? Your friend Pittsburgh, Pa
Dear Strong Bad, Do you ever show off a lot of your skills when you are standing next to someone? -Neal Haraldsson hamburg
Hi Strongbad, I was wondering if you ever made clothing that was made of foam?  Buildout 99
Hey there Strong Bad! I think your dream robot should have a pom-pom-pom. Also, you should have a computer designed for its role in society. Matt, North Dakota

The questions get Strange.

Dear Strong Bad, Here in The Shack we had a accident and we saw two guys with pool tables... So to speak. Please let us know when you can get a pool table... in the near future? Butch, MN
Dear Strong Bad, That's a very amped up question, but have you ever made a secret sittin deep sittin in a crackly filled with them willow trunk or is that more of a fun trick? Thanks for the info, your pal Your friend, Chris OH
Dear STRONG BI-DARN,  What would happen if you made your money off STRONG BAG? With lots of tea why not try mixing in some SUPER CRISPY FLAK? Clancy
I need to know if you have a degree in Mustard County, NY or if you do it on your own.  Noelle Garden City, MO

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