Starting a Cajun/Zydeco band this year? Who isn’t! Or need to rebrand your existing death metal band now that your lead guitarist has switched to harmonica? Artificial intelligence has you covered.

I train neural networks, which are a kind of machine learning computer program that can learn by example. If I give a neural network a list of pies, for example, it will try to combine the ingredients into something extra-special (like strawberry ham pie).

Thanks to a list provided by reader Ian Hoch, a trained neural network has now provided the world with the names of several fine bands that sound like they’re straight out of Louisiana (or not).

Galil Foais and the Zydeco Bots
Don Heckin May
Sirmil Riulle and the Bayou Hot Chaws
Pant & the Zydeco Bousners
The Zydeco Prayboys
Zydeco Pals
Lav Blamlers
Bayou Fougers
Zydeco Toes
The Beane Band
Grand Bount and the Zydeco Banboys
Grave Suinger

Since this music has French-speaking roots, many of the names in the original dataset were in French, and the neural network tried its best with these. Delightfully enough, it did manage to speak some French.

Zydeco Tambreaus

(tambreau = dump truck)

The Cajun Puais

(puais = stinks)

Bon Sou

(bon sou = good money)

Bayou Bon Feus and The Cajun Bon Cajun

(bon feus = good fires)

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

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