AI Weirdness: the strange side of machine learning
quote tweet this with a selfie, but with somebody invisible Photoshopped in next to you.

Quote tweet with your favorite neural net

You know those games that go around on platforms like Twitter, where people share pictures of themselves looking like the leader of an underground resistance, or search google images for their name + fantasy armor or somesuch? I assume that if you successfully start one of these games, fame and fortune
A painting of stone columns, redwood treetops, and humanoid stone pillars

My favorite nonexistent painter

People have noted that when using giant internet-trained AIs like CLIP+VQGAN to generate images, you get much nicer-looking images if you include an artist byline. Here's "Internet Infrastructure" And here's "Internet Infrastructure by James Gurney." James Gurney, a painter known for works like the Dinotopia books, is particularly prolific
An AI-generated room with a confusing, sprawling piece of furniture in it.

Can I generate a gothic wardrobe?

Like other ambiguous image-generation prompts, asking for "a gothic wardrobe" had the AI hedging its bets. In CLIP+VQGAN's internet training, those words might go with pictures of clothes in styles leaning toward black fabric, pleats, chains, and lace. Or they could mean tall cabinets with pointed arches. So we
Two chairs with seats of thick knotted pieces of wood and backs like carved pillars.

Generated furniture: cursed, but beautiful

Beetle kill pine is a popular wood in Colorado, salvaged from trees killed by pine bark beetles. While the dead trees stand before harvesting, a fungus colonizes them, giving the wood interesting blue-grey streaks called spalting. It's a really pretty wood. But AI apparently thinks "a chair made of beetle
Generating images from an internet grab bag

Generating images from an internet grab bag

Still amazed by this: Here's CLIP+VQGAN (trained on internet photos and their accompanying text), prompted two different ways: "A car driving down a desert road in monument valley" A car driving down a desert road in monument valley"A car driving down a desert road in monument valley | dramatic
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