AI Weirdness: the strange side of machine learning
A variety of unrealistic flightless birds, included a two-headed cassowary labeled "Kheo"

Flightless birds

I enjoy asking DALLE-3 to label things. I learn so much! Here I asked it to generate a labeled grid of flightless birds. I think it's trying to do ostrich (a female apparently! unusual for a bird poster but I approve), an emu (definitely not an emu'
Mammals with labels, most incorrect. A one-horned antelope with a long cat tail is labeled Danda.

Learn the mammals with DALL-E3

Here are the mammals! Maybe some of your favorites are pictured. Here's the prompt I gave ChatGPT4: "Please generate a set of mammals on a plain white background, each mammal species clearly labeled." However, ChatGPT4 is a text-generating model, so it doesn't have the
Cartoony bible-style shepherds and sheep with misspelled labels

Your AI-generated guide to the nativity

I asked DALL-E3 (via chatgpt) for "a simple Christmas nativity scene with each element clearly labeled in large capital letters for a child who is learning to read." I'm sure you will find this very helpful. okay one more there was an attempt! bonus content: two
Old-timey style illustrations mostly of birds in santa hats & garbled versions of verses from 12 days of christmas

Your illustrated guide to Christmas carols

Between the two of them, ChatGPT4 can generate the lyrics to Christmas carols, and DALL-E3 can illustrate them! Throw your old carol books away because this is the only guide you'll need. 12 Days of Christmas Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer (if you read out the tiny text beneath
Advent calendar style images including a sweater mug filled with hot chocolate and candles

AI Weirdness advent calendar 2023

It's 2023 and the combo of GPT-4/DALL-E3 can generate passable versions of the saccharine Christmas drawings in an advent calendar. They cannot, however, label them correctly. Also sometimes you get sweatermugs. This means the 2023 AI-generated advent calendar is happening! Full descriptions of every door in the
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