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It looks like a log of rice that's been rolled lightly in rainbow sequins.

In search of a unicorn cake

I've generated a lot of terrible unicorn cakes by this point. Last time I experimented with generating cakes [], using CLIP's internet training to guide a couple of image generating methods. Around the time I posted my experiments, RiversHaveWings, who developed one
The cake is covered in a sagging marshmallowy coating that might once have had sleek robotic curves.

AI cake fails

AI cake fails are unlike any cake fails I've seen before. What do you get when your cake is being generated by something that's seen lots of pictures labeled "cake" but has never had a cake or experienced physics? CLIP+VQGAN are two algorithms
AI AI Weirdness

AI AI Weirdness

Now that GPT-3 is capable of writing entire personality quizzes (sort of [] ), could it write an entire blog post for me? I prompted GPT-3 with “Welcome to AI Weirdness! In today’s blog post, I wondered what would happen if I trained a neural
GPT-2: It can’t resist a list

GPT-2: It can’t resist a list

One of my favorite things is to get a neural net to generate a list of things. And one of the best neural nets to subject to that task is GPT-2 [], which learned a heck of a lot of things (okay not all of
Artificial intelligence claims it has written a cake recipe.

Artificial intelligence claims it has written a cake recipe.

I’m training a neural network to generate recipes [] based on a database of about 30,000 example recipes. One of the recipe titles it invents most often is cake - Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Chips, etc.
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