One of my favorite things is to get a neural net to generate a list of things. And one of the best neural nets to subject to that task is GPT-2, which learned a heck of a lot of things (okay not all of them good) by reading a huge chunk of the internet.

It turns out that there are a lot of lists on the internet, and if you prompt GPT-2 with the beginnings of one, it can’t help but finish it. (Prompts are in bold)

Here are the medals that come after the traditional three.

1. Gold
2. Silver
3. Bronze
4. Iron
5. One Life
6. One Titan
7. One Death
8. Sigil of Ruin
9. Sigil of Destruction
10. Desert Citron
11. City Pollen
12. Desert Vaccine
13. Inorganic Light CLR Plating
14. Inorganic Light CLR Spray Ingredient
15. Inorganic Light Metal Plating
16. Inorganic Light Metal Spray Ingredient
17. Phoenix Mask
18. Gold Ornament

Keep this list of wedding anniversary gifts handy!

1ST YEAR: Paper
2ND YEAR: Cotton
3RD YEAR: Leather
4TH YEAR: Fruit & Flowers, or Linen & Silk
5RD YEAR: Carpet & Flooring/Graphite
6TH YEAR: Nail Polish Gold Palette
7TH YEAR: Silk & Enamel and Thumb
9TH YEAR: Pearl
10TH YEAR: Delicate Roses
11TH YEAR: Crystal & Mental Training
12TH YEAR: Orchid
13TH YEAR: Patterns & Data
14TH YEAR: Capsules
15TH YEAR: Canvas & Flowers
16TH YEAR: Waterlite Red
17TH YEAR: Chocolate & Bamboo
18TH YEAR: Wood
19TH YEAR: Borroux (mint) porcelain bottles
20TH YEAR: Fashion Collection
21TH YEAR: Satin/Zinc Sculpture
22TH YEAR: Umbrellas & Gerber covers
23TH YEAR: Garment Solids
24TH YEAR: Wooden/Jute Trading Cards, Heart Leaves and Leaves, artwork and fabrics
25TH YEAR: Soaps, reapplication and wash cycles
27TH YEAR: Digital storage on printer
29TH YEAR: Bamboo bindings(1000 pieces)
30TH YEAR: Chameleonic & Organizing Utensils & Fine Feathers

(GPT-2 is not great at counting when the numbers get high)

It loves listing animals, although it’s not always clear on what counts as an animal.

My Favorite Animals Are:
1. Giraffes
2. Maize
3. Polar Bears
4. Pigeons and Giraffes
5. Cats and Warthog
6. Javanese Canines
7. Tiger Teeth
8. Black Swans
9. Alligators
10. Basilisks
11. Zebrafish

And then it interrupted its list of favorite animals to spontaneously add the following list:

Aquatic or fleshy aquatic species:
1. Cape Verdean dolphins
2. Chadasserihs
3. Sea lions
4. Rubber wasps
5. Quoll
6. Steelhead trout
7. Sea turtles
8. Exotic fauna
9. Crocodiles
10. Rattle woolly rhinos
Ingredients that you put in a cake:
1. Flour
2. Salt
3. Sugar
4. Do Not Bartered
5. Sliced Mushrooms and Chillies
6. Cinnamon
7. Eggs
8. Hot Sauce
9. Cilantro
10. Peppermint
11. Lemonade
12. Sweet Treats
13. And of course garnishes!

Generate lists of your own using the interface at!

If you want more control over the creativity level (or want to train it on your own datasets), check out Max Woolf’s colab notebook.

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