I train computer programs called neural networks, which look at datasets of human things and try to copy them. They’re used for all sorts of important real-life applications, running Facebook’s facial recognition and Google’s language translation, among many, many other things.

I am running the same sort of algorithm, just sliiightly scaled down in strength and sophistication. Thanks to blog reader Cole Caron, I had a list of 1310 musical genres and their definitions, extracted from Wikipedia.

The neural network has read these definitions, and now knows All About music genres. Please read these definitions, so that this superior artificial intelligence may educate you.

Chamber jazz - fusion of Celtic and hip hop music
Hamburg - a style of music that accompanies the bass and a dubstep
Acid trance - any music
Clam rock - back-to-sow
Spock ambient - a capella music
Folk - traditional music hippie-based folk music
Neue Blues - any music that combined bat lyrics
Danza - Middle Ages.
Mini-van - orchestral scotlishments
Chaspille, t and lung - a combination of notes sound
Qagaku - Womanian folk music
Dire rock - Korean folk music
Kawachi o disco - Swedish folk dance music
String blues - umbrella term for aggressive metalcore
Electronicore - work music
Chunk - dub-inspired form
Darkcore - Tuvan throat singing music
Eurotrance - fusion of musical known for its lyrical arts
Salsa - rumba music
Minipal - fusion of Celtic and reggaeto hip hop
Chakan - Cozambian folk music
Fleen samba - popular music
Mini-jazz - French country music
Gothic metal - humorous folk music

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