Neural networks are widely used for image recognition, language translation, finance modeling, and even medicine. They learn by example - give them a dataset and, using trial-and-error guessing, they’ll try to figure out the rules that make these datasets work. In addition to their high-impact talents, neural networks are also decent at naming bands.

I’ve used neural networks to generate a bunch of generic band names based on everything on Wikipedia (Tony Shark; Girl Dead; Something Rothers), and metal bands in particular (Stormgarden; Chaosrug; Inhuman Sand). Botnik has used them to generate new bands for Coachella.

Want to see if you can tell the difference between a neural net band and a real band? The BBC gave me a list of the entire 2015-2018 lineup for the South by Southwest (SWSX) festival in Austin, Texas - and I helped them generate names for a “Real Band or Not?” quiz. Test yourself - and then check out the rest of the names below.

Leading Performers You’ll Have Heard Of:

Princess Tube
DJ Death Birds
King Starf
Jedi Dom
Kinge Gland
Mc Barly
DJ Fight Rose
Mike Livers
Daniel Witch
King Fump
El High Wolf
Wax Dagg
The Social Wolf

SXSW is about technology as well as music, so a neural network mashup is only natural. Here are some bands the neural network might join.

Death Watson
Compy Williams
The Robotch
The Moon Electos
Star Blossom
Robo Fortune
Star Benders
Dirty Static

If you like bling. And farts.

Lil Profits
Rich Sin
Gold You Z
Dirty Rights
The Best Cash
Fart Fortune
Gold Fops
Yah Gar Fartus

We have already established that neural nets can learn to sound metal. (More or less)

Death Mill
Bad Carrier
Hard The Heart
Death Frothers
Black Root
Death Bod
Bonez of Friends

They can learn the patterns of just about any genre, really. Surfer rock? Classic rock? Indie? A neural network can blend right in.

The Chilliams
Surf Code
High Mile
Freaky School
Love Mine
Bung Guest
Never Beer
Bold Big Stones
Show Comment
Dirty Stone
The Dills
The City Root
Peppy Rights
The Duffon
The Stacks
James & Howling Stars
The Dont Body
Ghost Youth
Good Ones
Big Chain

Well, they can blend in sometimes. Other times they swing and miss.

Boing Wall
DJ Jone Font the Bird Tiger
Mage Pine
Boot Drop
Goboth Bird Strangers
The Electropical Houses
Opal Tons
Butter Rock
Moth Nine
Buelly Toli and The Slow Presents
Party Right Bird Roses
East & The Loin

And other times they fail. Hard. Beware these bands.

John Car Fart
Crustina Sharp
The Fester Boys
The Poot Stophes
Shark Brown & The Ripes
The Pores
Wooy Shart
Manky Root
The Strain Sons of Unders
Butte Big Show Destroyer
Hurson McHole

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