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It looks like a log of rice that's been rolled lightly in rainbow sequins.

In search of a unicorn cake

I've generated a lot of terrible unicorn cakes by this point. Last time I experimented with generating cakes, using CLIP's internet training to guide a couple of image generating methods. Around the time I posted my experiments, RiversHaveWings, who developed one of the most popular methods, came out with a
The cake is covered in a sagging marshmallowy coating that might once have had sleek robotic curves.

AI cake fails

AI cake fails are unlike any cake fails I've seen before. What do you get when your cake is being generated by something that's seen lots of pictures labeled "cake" but has never had a cake or experienced physics? CLIP+VQGAN are two algorithms that, when teamed up, take turns
A painting of stone columns, redwood treetops, and humanoid stone pillars

My favorite nonexistent painter

People have noted that when using giant internet-trained AIs like CLIP+VQGAN to generate images, you get much nicer-looking images if you include an artist byline. Here's "Internet Infrastructure" And here's "Internet Infrastructure by James Gurney." James Gurney, a painter known for works like the Dinotopia books, is particularly prolific
An AI-generated room with a confusing, sprawling piece of furniture in it.

Can I generate a gothic wardrobe?

Like other ambiguous image-generation prompts, asking for "a gothic wardrobe" had the AI hedging its bets. In CLIP+VQGAN's internet training, those words might go with pictures of clothes in styles leaning toward black fabric, pleats, chains, and lace. Or they could mean tall cabinets with pointed arches. So we
Two chairs with seats of thick knotted pieces of wood and backs like carved pillars.

Generated furniture: cursed, but beautiful

Beetle kill pine is a popular wood in Colorado, salvaged from trees killed by pine bark beetles. While the dead trees stand before harvesting, a fungus colonizes them, giving the wood interesting blue-grey streaks called spalting. It's a really pretty wood. But AI apparently thinks "a chair made of beetle
The art of asking nicely

The art of asking nicely

There are upsides to working with a neural net that trained on a huge collection of internet images and text. One is that, instead of ominous grey geometric blobs when it doesn't understand your prompt (there is a free interactive demo of AttnGAN here and it is a lot of
Searching for Bernie

Searching for Bernie

“Leaning Tower of Pizza”, BigGAN steered by CLIP using Big SleepI wrote earlier about DALL-E, an image generating algorithm recently developed by OpenAI. One part of DALL-E’s success is another algorithm called CLIP, which is essentially an art critic. Show CLIP a picture and a phrase, and it’ll
From Cat to Kitchen: a cautionary tale

From Cat to Kitchen: a cautionary tale

I’m not sure what was more unsettling: my recent failed attempt to train a neural net called StyleGAN2 to generate screenshots from The Great British Bakeoff, or my successful attempt to train StyleGAN2 to generate pictures of my cat. The problem with the cat pictures wasn’t that they
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